March Madness

Who: You and all of your friends!

What: March Madness Bracket for a chance to win 50% of the money raised in prizes!

When: Anytime from now until 11:59pm on March 14th

Besides the obvious winnings, it’ll fulfill a fundraising requirement

1) Click the link

2) Sign in using either your yahoo, google or facebook account

3) Once you sign in, it should take you to “Brian’s March Madness” page

4) It will ask you to create a new bracketĀ and you have to make a username and agree to terms and conditions and hit submit

5) email ( with the username you create so I know you signed up

6) Even though the tournament will have already started I will collect the $5 required for the event until the end of chapter on Sunday, March 20 (so make sure you bring the $5 to chapter or arrange a time to meet with me to give me the money)

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