National Convention! Regional Realignment and links to more

The National Council and VP of Chapter Development, Kyle Williams, announced the modification of regional lines that are re-drawn for the purpose of giving “regions the ability to perform to their best potential and emphasize the importance of regions to the overall strength of Phi Sigma Pi’s infrastructure.”

Relevance for BE: we lost Mansfield University (Theta), but they were fairly far away from us anyways. Also, the the alumni chapter, NYMAAC, was taken to a region below us~ although upon speaking to our A. Berman (BE alum) and several others: this is really no big deal and BE will continue to provide the bulk of its members. Go Northeast Region woo!

For more info and the official posting:

Also! For the official recap of National Convention on the PSP National site check out: , BUT STILL READ OURS PLEASE >=]

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Leadership in Action, Great Ideas Expo, Idea Labs:

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